The Only Two Things that Money Can’t Buy

:There's only two things that money can't buy and that's true love and homegrown tomatoes" John Denver

Spotify took me on a strange journey to John Denver B-sides today.

I stopped working when I heard:
“There’s only two things that money can’t buy and that’s true love and homegrown tomatoes.” ~ John Denver.

My initial reaction was… “What the h***?”

And I reached to change the song.

But I like John Denver generally so thought I’d pause for a moment and listen, if nothing else to be able to explain the strange song to my son who must have heard it in the next room.

And as I did, my brain took me on a strange journey. This was my stream of consciousness:
·       This is a bizarre song why would anyone listen to it?
·       When it comes to homegrown tomatoes – he’s mostly right. In fact I love them and as a child ate them like an apple. Several a day. I still do that sometimes. Astute observation, John.
·       Do I feel about tomatoes the way I feel about true love? There is something about both that’s indescribable and maybe that’s what he’s talking about
·       Both love and homegrown tomatoes require nurturing and often hard work. Maybe there are a lot more similarities between true love and homegrown tomatoes than I had initially considered.
·       Maybe this song isn’t so stupid.
·       I have a hard time believing these are the ONLY two things money can’t buy. What are the other things?

This sent me spiraling into a reflection of gratitude.

I thought of lots of things money can’t buy, and that I’m grateful for. And true to form, most could be linked back to love of some sort (and fewer to homegrown tomatoes).

In my brain though, the connection between the two will forever remain.

I initially thought it was stupid, but listening to the song and the journey it sent me on jolted me out of my defeatist attitude of how disorganized and overwhelmed I was feeling and put me in a better mood.

This isn’t really a post about tomatoes. It’s not even a post about love.

But it IS a post that demonstrated to me what I often tell others, that using different methods to stimulate your thinking allows you to break free of whatever negative patterns you are in.

And, music can play an important role in that.

I’m reminded that sometimes things we initially think are ridiculous hold the most value, and that value is sometime indescribable.

Like the taste of homegrown tomatoes.

What else is something money can’t buy?

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