The Culture of Learning


Historically, education institutions were designed for only one type of learner – the quiet learner who could follow the rules, learn according to the teacher’s style of teaching and cause no trouble in the classroom. This resulted in many students not being allowed to rise to their full potential.

Fortunately, we are moving away from these rigid expectations of our children in classrooms. More creativity is welcome, different styles of learning are being accommodated and children are no longer expected to be exactly the same.

But how about at work?

Businesses, corporations, government… the rules of those institutions are not always different. The “rules” whether formal or informal can be empowering, or they can be crushing.

Business owners. Artists. Inventors. Therapists. Writers. They were geniuses, they just weren’t geniuses in a traditional learning setting like school.

When I work with teams, it doesn’t take long to understand who feels empowered and who feels crushed. Sometimes quick tweaks to processes or conversations that lead to improved understanding can make all the difference. It’s one of the reasons that hybrid work is empowering for so many – people get to define what they need to succeed when they are in their own space.

How is your culture crushing or empowering your staff to be their best?


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