PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS WORKSHOPS were developed with a changing world in mind. With the current “Great Resignation” and employees leaving the workforce in record numbers, our workshops are designed to address current issues faced by corporate teams:
connection, adaptability (AQ) and innovation.

Adaptability Quotient (AQ) and skills to handle adversity have quickly become the most relevant skills of an effective workforce. 

This course will explore adaptability styles, responses to change, and resilience strategies and will give your employees and team an opportunity to develop a specific plan of action to boost their adaptability at home and work.



By the end of this virtual or in-person workshop, teams will be able to:

  • Understand their own adaptability style.
  • Reflect on their own response and reaction strategies in relationship to teammates.
  • Develop more adaptive strategies to improve their ability to respond to an unknown future.
  • Develop individual and team action plans for building AQ.


  • What are adaptability and resilience?
  • How individuals respond to challenges.
  • How can we understand our own most effective resilience strategies?
  • Factors to boost resilience at work and home.

more details:

Who should attend this workshop?
Teams who want to address the importance of being able to adapt with change and an unknown future.

6 hours or two 3-hour sessions minimum.

Method of Delivery:
Remote or in-person.

Questions? Ready to Enroll?

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