PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS WORKSHOPS were developed with a changing world in mind. We are wired to connect and when we aren’t, we feel it. Our workshops will connect and rejuvenate your team. 

Leaders often express concerns about the rising stress levels among management due to continuous changes. This can potentially lead to a decrease in staff accountability towards their colleagues and employers. The consequences of constant absenteeism and sudden departures include increased workloads and burnout for the remaining staff, making accountability crucial.

Join our interactive and experiential workshop, where participants actively engage in developing a collective understanding of community, connection, and accountability within their organization. Together, we create a strategic action plan to integrate shared values and foster stronger connections in both the work environment and corporate culture.

Experience the power of building a more accountable and connected workforce



By the end of this virtual or in-person workshop, teams will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of community and accountability
  • Develop a shared understanding of the importance of community in the workplace
  • Explain how connection and accountability have been disrupted
  • Identify next steps for reconnecting and rebuilding community


  • Understanding the definition of community
  • How are humans wired to connect?
  • Ecological model of individual, relationships, community and society and why it matters
  • Exploring community with external stakeholders
  • The effects of disconnect

more details:

Who should attend this workshop?

Any person who wants increased productivity and meaning at work

6 hours or two 3-hour sessions minimum.

Method of Delivery:
Remote or in-person.

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