PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS WORKSHOPS were developed with a changing world in mind. Communication is the solution to many challenges at work. But what does that even mean? Together, we’ll figure it out.

Good communication skills are essential to process information more accurately and efficiently and to avoid misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and lost productivity.

In this interactive, experiential workshop, participants develop skills to understand their own communication styles within a broader context of effective communication methods. Teams explore encoding, transmission, decoding and feedback and the role of sender and receiver and will understand the importance of effective communication in effective collaboration with teams and stakeholders.



By the end of this virtual or in-person workshop, teams will be able to:

  • Describe the communication process
  • Understand how  words and actions impact both other’s actions and personal perception
  • Feel more competent communicating difficult or controversial information
  • Mitigate noise in communication


  • How and why we communicate
  • The power of non-verbal communication
  • Type of noise and how to minimize impact
  • First impressions and how to make a good one
  • Changing communication style and methods based on stakeholder need

more details:

Who should attend this workshop?

Anyone who is part of a team and wishes to improve their own
communication skills and understand how to work more effectively with others.

6 hours or condensed 3-hour sessions.

Method of Delivery:
Remote or in-person.

Questions? Ready to Enroll?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and get you started with your course!