Who Should Attend This Course?

Anyone who wants to tackle their speaking fears while simultaneously developing skills to run more effective meetings, workshops, and consultations.

When people are asked about their fears, public speaking ranks number one, even higher than death. Yet speaking is  an important skill whether it’s in front of a group of 5 colleagues or 500 community members. There are a lot of secrets to facilitating effective meetings or workshops.

In this workshop participants will learn some of the best tips and tricks, from preparation, to knowing your audience, to starting with the end in mind. You’ll even be given access to some pro-tools to get you started.

Workshop Topics

  • Exploration meetings to plan the session.
  • Set up and preparation for any speech or workshop.
  • How to structure workshops or day-long events.
  • Incorporating engaging and interactive activities.
  • Dealing with challenging participants.
  • Closing and evaluation.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Be well prepared for workshops and presentations.
  • Lead a group through a facilitation process, including decision-making or
    gaining consensus.
  • Select appropriate tools for the type of facilitated sessions.
  • Encourage engagement and participation by groups.
  • Facilitate workshops and meetings with confidence.

Workshop Fee

Questions? Ready to Enroll?

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