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Starfish Synergies is the exclusive provider of PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS. We provide experiential, creativity-based training for corporate teams to help develop solutions to both old and new problems.

The Great Resignation is taking place. Employees are leaving the workforce in record numbers and together we are redefining new ways to work together on remote, in-person or hybrid teams. CEOs know that success depends on staff and teams who are adaptable and cohesive…

Our courses provide hands-on opportunities to enhance team cohesion, adaptability, and innovative thinking.

creating together

We do things a little differently because our method has been proven to work. 

We engage the senses with sounds, visuals, and tactile materials so participants feel connected as they learn. This experiential learning model makes training more memorable because it engages more of the brain and embeds concepts in multiple ways.

It’s research based, and it will make sense.

We like to keep things fun and we know that fun doesn’t mean unproductive.

Play is vital to social evolution – animals who learn to play are better able to socialize. The same goes for humans, it’s natural for us to learn through play and experience. Using creativity to unlock cooperation and understanding will set the foundation for enhanced communication and more productive collaboration within your team.

Want to do things differently? Then you need to try something different.

Our workshops gently force your team to think differently about themselves and each other. We will foster excitement in your team and participants will leave leave feeling optimistic about the future and ready to put in place specific actions.


To be bold, innovative, and energetic as we use creativity-based learning to lead teams to their fullest potential and foster environments that encourage diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism.


We will change the landscape of team training by offering engaging, experiential, and informative workshops. We evolve team communication and inspire participants no matter where they are in the world.

We focus on resilience and adaptability because we were born out making the best out of the worst situation....

My name is Theresa Bailey, I am the founder of Starfish Synergies Inc.

Starting over two decades ago I was completing some graduate work with young women in a homeless shelter. I was trying to understand at that time what helps some people thrive more than others?

I quickly learned that there were differences in how individuals responded to stress whether in a shelter or in a mansion.

Resilience was a key factor.


Over the years no matter where my interests took me I wanted to know: What helps people, teams, and communities thrive? What are the key ingredients?

In March 2020 I got to put my theories to the test.

When the pandemic hit, I was on my own with three children, a mortgage, and as an independent consultant, no guaranteed paycheck. Over three days in March I watched my work (and income) disappear.

It was time to implement what I knew. I got creative, and I bet on myself

To survive through the pandemic, I started to package everything I knew about teams, adaptability, and confidence and risk-taking and developing research-based and relevant corporate training.

Success in life often involves being prepared when the timing is right, and I was already honing my craft using Play-Based methods when opportunity knocked.

I was asked to work with Hasbro to develop training for one of their teams.

From that fateful place, using everything I had learned and practiced over 20 years, and with the iconic Play-Doh Brand, PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS was born.

Now, our team has packaged research based theory into the most interactive, engaging, thought provoking team-building opportunities there are.

They are impactful, and they are fun!

Now Starfish Synergies Inc. is the exclusive provider of PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS corporate training

Starfish because you can lop a starfish in half and it will keep growing. Resilience at its core
Synergies because together we are greater than the sum of individual parts — just like your team.
Starfish Synergies is now at the forefront of innovative, creative team training and consulting in North America.

We arose from the ashes to be something unique, impactful, and entertaining. We strive to bring positivity, and the adaptability and resourcefulness that led to our own success, to teams across the continent to help all teams evolve.

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Behind the Brand

Starfish represents resilience, adaptability, and resourcefulness.

Cutting off a starfish appendage doesn’t slow a starfish down. It grows back a new limb and the detached appendage can grow into a new starfish. Starfish are remarkably resilient creatures. Each team has the potential to be remarkable, too.

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