Introducing PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS to the world!

It’s finally here!

This is the day Starfish Synergies Inc. introduces PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS to the world!

My start-up, Starfish Synergies Inc., has entered a licensing agreement with Hasbro to provide corporate training to teams and groups using PLAY-DOH compound.

That’s right. We’ll be using PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS to energize teams across North America.

We’ll be tackling all the power skills needed by teams coming out of the wonkiest of times; adversity, innovation, confidence and risk-taking, and we will be helping remote and hybrid teams grow closer by building a sense of psychological safety through inclusion and connection, and more exciting courses offered later in 2021!

Don’t you think it’s time to try something extraordinary so you can achieve something extraordinary?

Those of you who know me know that I have been facilitating and training in some form for over 20 years. My methods have always been unique. For two decades I have used crafts, toys, fidgets and music to explore evidence-informed concepts. The methods I use are so different that time passes quickly, and participants are completely absorbed. I’m using evidence-based practice to help build community within teams.

Corporate team uses PLAY-DOH compound in team-building. Fun, innovative, energized, effective, increases productivity.

But PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS is something completely different and has been developed for the world as we now know it.

Children have been using Play-Doh compound for 65 years to shape imaginations and provide a sensory outlet for creativity, connection and the expression of emotion. These are the exact same things now needed more than ever by teams and groups across North America.

Using PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS we will engage virtual, remote, and in-person corporate teams in completely unique  ways. While using PLAY-DOH Compound! It’s relaxing, it’s creative, it’s FUN!

PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS couples all the best parts of Play-Doh brand with research supporting adult and experiential learning practices. With PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS, participants can imagine any concept and bring it to life while benefitting from the sensory experience of touch, sight, sound, and the iconic Play-Doh brand.

Countless managers, people specialists and C-suite executives have emphasized the need for teams to have the ability to adapt, innovate and take risks even when things aren’t going great. Teams who haven’t been together in over a year wonder how they can continue to work together effectively as a remote or hybrid team. And teams who can’t be together question how they can be inclusive and anti-racist in this new kind of workspace.

Using some of the most promising and current research-based concepts and tools we have designed experiences to directly address the power skills and the growth mindsets most in demand by leaders and needed by today’s corporate teams.

Our experiences are designed to use Play-Doh compound to engage multiple senses at once and ensure the events are memorable and the information sticks.

Laptop and PLAY-DOH compound being used in PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS corporate training, team building, effective productive

And because it’s completely different and engaging and fun people end up dancing. They smile a lot. They open up. They actually LEARN and come out with tools that they can use right away.

PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS is about the most fun you can have while learning, growing, and improving productivity with your team.

This is going to be huge. And we have a team of experienced, brilliant facilitators ready to rock.

PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS has been in the works for over a year. I am so grateful to everyone at Hasbro who has given me the opportunity to bring PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS to the world. Special shout out to Greg Ferguson for the initial opportunity, and Dawn Barber-Shah, Bryana Gable, Heather Kenneally and Susan Fairbanks for your patience and input as we’ve prepared for today.

Thank you also to Clark Harrop for your counsel, to Scott Runte and Stephen Beamish from Launch Lab for all things business, to Kasey Jones of A Better Jones for all things mindset, and to every single person who has been there along the way to help make this day happen.

Here we go!

Want to learn more? Join Starfish Synergies Inc. as one of the first teams to use these innovative methods to improve effectiveness, connection and productivity on your team through PLAY-DOH POWER SOLUTIONS corporate training.

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