SAGACITY helps build resilience – but what does it even mean?

When I’m working with teams to develop resilience action plans, one of the components we look at is sagacity. It’s usually a new word for people, but once we explore the concept it makes perfect sense. Sagacity refers to insight or wisdom, and a sagacious person is considered someone who is intelligent and has the ability to make good decisions.

Sagacious people are inspirational in how they deal with challenges, and a lot of the time they express their thoughts and feelings through writing, songs, and art. So when we are working our way through challenges, it can be helpful to look for examples of sagacity to pull you through. Think about your own examples – Is there a song that can lift you out of the depths of despair? Or a favourite quote that you return to when there is a tough task in front of you? Maybe you have a favourite feel-good movie that reminds you that life is good and there is hope. These different pieces of wisdom remind us that we are not alone, we aren’t the first person to have been here, and they can be just enough to change our mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, which is imperative for getting out of a funk. Often, the sagacity that gets us through one challenge can be the same sagacity that we return to time and time again to help us.

For me, at the most difficult times in my life I return to Victor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning”. And, I always have a mug with a meaningful quote on it, such as the “It’s always impossible until it’s done” by Nelson Mandela. Both Frankl and Mandela epitomize those people who experienced the most devastating of hardships, yet used their suffering to deepen their own humanity. Through struggle there is strength.

What inspires you in challenging times?

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