Little Gifts – Insignificant or Monumental?

My daughter is always leaving me little insignificant gifts.

Today, she gave me a foil covered chocolate ball that a friend had shared with her at school. When I returned to my desk, she had placed it next to my pen. She would maybe simply say that she just wanted to share because she knows I like chocolate, but to me, it was a reminder that she sees me, she doesn’t want to interrupt, but that I matter. On a day that has otherwise tested my patience and left me on the verge of frazzle, it is a bright spot. She’s done things like this before. For example, a note that says “don’t forget to play.”

“Don’t forget to play”. As we get older, we forget the importance of play and being playful. Playing is a gift.

These reminders to play and be playful actually have a huge impact on my mood.

These reminders also help in my professional work. In the work I do with teams, it is clear that the culture of teams is bolstered by these tiny thoughtful gestures meant to recognize other people, without expectation of anything in return. Tiny insignificant gestures remind us to be playful and creative and can make a difference in a day and over time, have tremendous impact on how people experience value and belonging on a team. And they make the giver feel just as good as the receiver.

How can you offer a ‘little’ gift that might be monumental?


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